Major Project Planning

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Finalized Project Concept:

The “Mid-College Crisis,” as coined by an article published in The Setonian, is the realization that one’s initial plans for college are no longer going to cut it. I will be interviewing three Linfield students in order to gain insights into this challenging time in students’ lives. The intended audience is the Linfield review, as the concept of the story is being localized to this specific population.

The narrative will be made up of students reflecting on their time at Linfield, starting with their arrival as freshman, their path to their current situation, and then their plans after Linfield. This will be communicated through video and audio interviews, accompanied by photographs of individuals throughout their time in college. The subjects’ physical growth will be presented in photographs alongside their discussion of their emotional and intellectual growth that occurred over the same period. Conflict and suspense will be derived from the challenges faced by the subjects, with resolution coming from the changes and growth that resulted.

This story is best told with photo, video, and audio as these are the most intimate of the forms of media we have discussed in this class. The scope of the project is also fairly small, thus infographics would be unhelpful given the mostly qualitive conclusions being reached.

This is the mock-up of my project. Each subject will have their own video and small biographic section of text. I only included one to save space.
The Trello Board for the Final Project.

Thoughts on Planning Process:

This process caused me to take an emotional step away from this (admittedly daunting) project and view it for its components. The result was a much less ambiguous path to my end goal. This is helpful as I need to practice this skill more, and because it introduced me to Moqups and Trello. These were both fast and easy to use, as well as helpful for a more visually oriented person like myself.

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